Launched in Israel in 1945, ZIM became a pioneer in container shipping in the early 1970s and has established itself as a leading global container liner shipping company with established operations in more than 90 countries serving approximately 33,000 customers in over 300 ports worldwide. ZIM's differentiated global-niche strategy, based on agile fleet management and deployment, covers major trade routes with a focus on select markets where the company holds competitive advantages.

ZIM leverages digital strategies and a commitment to ESG values to provide customers innovative seaborne transportation and logistics services and exceptional customer experience, while maximizing profitability. Through our focused strategy, enhanced digital tools, and track record as a top industry performer with high service quality, ZIM is positioned to continue to expand its leadership and achieve industry leading margins.

In a dynamic shipping and logistics environment, ZIM has set itself apart as a carrier with a fresh, unique approach. Supporting our central mission of providing the highest levels of customer service, we have implemented an innovative, data-driven strategy promoting digitization and introducing creative solutions to the market aimed at meeting customers’ evolving needs.

As part of our “Innovative Shipping” vision, we rely on careful analysis of data, including business and artificial intelligence, to better understand the needs of our customers and digitize our products, without compromising our long-standing reputation for a distinct personal approach to customer relations. We operate and innovate as a truly customer-centric company, constantly striving to provide a best-in-class product offering.

Innovation and digitization aimed at the customer’s ease of doing business, also drives powerful tools for enhancing efficiency and yield management.

Based on an actively managed approach, ZIM’s overall fleet capacity is continuously adjusted to meet changing market conditions and optimize vessel deployment and utilization.

Importantly, ZIM's network is also enhanced by operational cooperation agreements with other container liner companies and alliances, allowing us to optimize fleet utilization by sharing capacity, expanding our service offering and benefiting from cost savings.

Q1 2024 Earnings Conference Call

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 8:00 AM ET

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Why ZIM?

In an industry dominated by traditional large players, ZIM stands out with its novel approach, bold strategy and innovative spirit.

ZIM’s differentiated position in the markets relies on the following pillars:

Extensive & agile network

We focus on attractive global and niche markets where we can develop sustainable competitive advantages and drive long-term profitability. With a comprehensive global network of approximately 77 weekly lines, we offer tailored value-added services, including several logistics subsidiaries which provide complementary services to our customers. We have established a track record of successfully identifying attractive growth opportunities and adjusting our fleet size and type based on changing market conditions.

Innovation & digitalization

We use our technology and innovation to power new services, improve our best-in-class customer experience and enhance our productivity and portfolio management. Our investment in information technology systems has allowed us to develop an array of sophisticated tools that enable us to manage our vessel and cargo mix to prioritize higher yields and enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and profitability across the organization.

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Actively manage capacity

We actively manage capacity to optimize operational efficiency and advance our commercial strategy. We charter-in nearly all of our capacity which allows us to adjust our capacity to meet changing market conditions, optimize vessel deployment, pursue high utilization of vessels, and exploit specific trade advantages.

Enhanced geographic coverage through partnerships

Our network is significantly enhanced by cooperation agreements with other leading companies and alliances, allowing us to optimize fleet utilization and improve port coverage by sharing capacity, expanding our service offering and benefiting from cost savings. Primarily, we collaborate with the 2M alliance partners, operating multiple joint services on the Asia-US East Coast and Asia-US Gulf Coast trades based on a full slot exchange and vessel sharing agreement.

Customer Centric approach

One of the key principles of our business is our customer-centric approach, characterized by the value-added services we offer to our highly diverse global customer base. Our strong reputation and high-quality service offering has generated a loyal customer base. At ZIM, recognizing the critical importance of end-users’ input in creating top-notch customer experience, we are committed to integrating this customer-oriented approach as part of our “Powered by Our Customers” philosophy. We are proud that ZIM customers participate in planning and designing ZIM’s digital tools.

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Sustainability is a core value

We strive to be an industry leader in implementing policies and initiatives that help mitigate the impact of our operations on the planet. As part of our approach to decarbonization, ZIM has embraced LNG as a transitional fuel for our fleet and has chartered 28 LNG dual-fuel newbuild vessels, allowing us to immediately reduce emissions by up to 25% per LNG vessel sailing. When we take delivery of the LNG dual-fuel vessels throughout 2023 and 2024, approximately 1/3 of our capacity will be LNG-fueled, importantly, providing customers a “green” shipping option. In addition to our LNG fleet strategy, which will position us among the lowest carbon intensity operators, we are focused on supporting environmentally-friendly initiatives like promoting marine biodiversity and restoration and advancing sustainable procurement.

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Growth engines

In line with our organizational culture which promotes and nurtures innovation and creativity, we have developed multiple growth engines complementary to our container shipping business and formed partnerships and collaborations with several technology startups. For example, we were (and still are) an early investor in WAVE BL, a developer of an electronic bill of lading based on blockchain technology, which is today offered by several leading liner companies. Also, we established Ship4wd, a digital freight forwarder, which caters to small and medium businesses, offering a simple, one-stop- shop, digital platform covering all aspects of the complex international shipping process.

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Experienced management team with deep industry knowledge

ZIM has developed a strong company culture for performance, led by a management team with vast business and industry experience backed by the full support and guidance of a veteran Board of Directors. We believe that our team’s experience, deep industry knowledge and strong relationships with container liner industry participants, including freight forwarders, financing providers, customers, rail and truck transportation providers, vessel owners and shipbuilders, will continue to position us to execute our growth strategies.

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Focus on profitability

ZIM’s primary objective is to use our strengths to profitably grow our business and maximize value to our shareholders. Complementing our investment in digital tools to improve revenue management, profitability and best servicing our customers, the agility of our fleet enables ZIM to focus on trades that we believe are underserved and where we can introduce competitive and comprehensive product offerings. We consistently re-evaluate our focus on expanding our presence or entering new trades in order to drive profitable growth.

Commitment to shareholder returns

ZIM has a track recordExperienced Management of returning substantial capital to shareholders. Our quarterly dividend payout is equal to 30% of quarterly net income, with the total full year dividend payout totaling up to 50% of annual net income. The return of capital to shareholders has been and remains a top priority for ZIM.

These pillars, combined with our unique organizational culture, values and vision, create a robust infrastructure for sustained profitability even in the volatile business environment faced by all shipping companies and have enabled us to achieve performance at or near the peak of the industry over the last several years.

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