Launched in Israel in 1945, ZIM became a pioneer in container shipping in the early 1970s and has established itself as a leading global container liner shipping company with established operations in approximately 100 countries serving approximately 30,000 customers in over 350 ports worldwide. ZIM's differentiated global-niche strategy, based on agile fleet management and deployment, covers major trade routes with a focus on select markets where the company holds competitive advantages.

ZIM leverages digital strategies and a commitment to ESG values to provide customers innovative seaborne transportation and logistics services and exceptional customer experience, while maximizing profitability. Through our focused strategy, enhanced digital tools, and track record as a top industry performer with high service quality, ZIM is positioned to continue to expand its leadership and achieve industry leading margins.

In a dynamic shipping and logistics environment, ZIM has set itself apart as a carrier with a fresh, unique approach. Supporting our central mission of providing the highest levels of customer service, we have implemented an innovative, data-driven strategy promoting digitization and introducing creative solutions to the market aimed at meeting customers’ evolving needs.

As part of our “Innovative Shipping” vision, we rely on careful analysis of data, including business and artificial intelligence, to better understand the needs of our customers and digitize our products, without compromising our long-standing reputation for a distinct personal approach to customer relations. We operate and innovate as a truly customer-centric company, constantly striving to provide a best-in-class product offering.

Innovation and digitization aimed at the customer’s ease of doing business, also drives powerful tools for enhancing efficiency and yield management.

Based on an actively managed approach, ZIM’s overall fleet capacity is continuously adjusted to meet changing market conditions and optimize vessel deployment and utilization.

Importantly, ZIM's network is also enhanced by operational cooperation agreements with other container liner companies and alliances, allowing us to optimize fleet utilization by sharing capacity, expanding our service offering and benefiting from cost savings.

Q1 2023 Earnings Conference Call

Monday, May 22, 2023 at 8:00 AM ET

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