ZIM Expands its Latin America Network with the Launch of Two Services: ZIM Albatross (ZAT) and ZIM Gulf Toucan (ZGT)

17 October 2023

HAIFA, Israel, October 17, 2023, -- ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. announced today the launch of two new services, the ZIM Albatross (ZAT) and ZIM Gulf Toucan (ZGT), aimed at meeting the needs of ZIM’s customers in Latin America. Both services are fully operated by ZIM, expanding ZIM’s presence and operations to and from Latin America, further connecting ZIM’s customers in that region with ZIM’s global network.

The new ZIM Albatross service will provide premium direct connection from and to North China, Korea, Mexico, and the West Coast of South America. ZIM will deploy 4,250 TEU vessels on this service, allowing operational flexibility. Connections to/from Southeast Asia and the Indian sub-continent will be made via China. This service will commence from China in December 2023.

ZIM Gulf Toucan service will connect the East Coast of South America to the Gulf of Mexico and the US. ZIM will deploy 2,800 TEU vessels on this service. Connections to other ports in North America, the Caribbean, Central America and West Coast South America will be made via ZIM’s regional hubs. This service will commence in both directions during January 2024.

The new rotations will be as follows:

ZIM Albatross (ZAT):

Xingang – Qingdao – Shanghai – Ningbo – Busan – Lazaro Cardenas – Buenaventura – Guayaquil – Callao – San Antonio – Busan – Xingang

ZIM Gulf Toucan (ZGT):

Buenos Aires – Montevideo – Navegantes or Itapoa – Paranagua – Santos – Rio De Janeiro – Cartagena – Kingston – Veracruz – Altamira – Houston – Mobile – Kingston– Cartagena –Santos – Buenos Aires

These services follow the launch of the ZIM Colibri Express (ZCX) in July 2023, and complement this service, to provide comprehensive service to new and existing customers in Latin America.

Eran Epstein, ZIM VP Latin America BU, said: “We are very excited to add the ZIM Albatross and ZIM Gulf Toucan services to our growing network in Latin America. With these new services, will be able to offer our customers in the region broader reach, coupled with ZIM’s signature customer service tailored to meet their specific needs.”

About ZIM

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